The NATURAL BORN BRAND is built on the philosophy that everyone has a certain trait or characteristic that sets them a part from everyone else… it’s a trait that can’t be taught or learned or replicated because you are born with it… and in the best of us that trait is the reason we are destined from the time your born… since birth… to be great… and there for you are in your self naturalborn greatness…


For over a century storks have been depicted as the deliverers of babies… the logo represents the delivery of a child into this world accompanied by its weight in gold… it is a symbol of your worth as an individual… the value of self…you are worth your weight in gold…
And to find balence with that and the tides of life is symbolized by the scale … STAY ON BALENCE


We provide quality street wear fashion that exudes a balence of smooth sophisticated, yet bold subtle design to those who seek a representation of the great potential they are naturally born with…

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Phone number: 347 886 8673